We are happy to have you here,at Egoldsms we pride ourselves as the best,dynamic,reliable,simple,high capacity and most avoidable bulksms platform EVER  making our price to be highly unbeatable.

We are in the best fore front to  relieve you of stress and to encourage you to send as many SMS as possible  at a very minimum price.

We also create an avenue to have as many retailers under us this will reduce unemployment and also make large part of our population to generate multiple streams of income…….ok are you worry on how to get started?
Becoming our reseller  we are going to be responsible for:

  •     designing your beautiful website just like Egoldsms platform.
  •     The website will be named after your business name( www.yourbusinessname.com)
  •     We shall give you FREE 5000 unit of SMS,you don’t worry about capital to start your business.
  •     We shall give you FREE well prepared Proposal by our team of Professionals  to Churches,Banks,Schools,Cooperative Socienties&Different        Companies. 
  •     As a Retailer you  will have access to our Robust program that makes it possible for you to :
  •     Sell  SMS (ii) Manage your Members (iii) Get Orders (iv) Approve Purchase (v)View Transaction…ALL THESE FOR JUST :


As a reseller, you can get sms as low as 0.99 kobo and sell for as much as N3.00 per sms